Live at the 44

Intimate shows with incredible acoustics. Inside in our fireside barn studio or out on the giant ocean view deck.

“The 44 on Mayne Island is a wonderful place to play, great sound and a lovely location.  Adam and Amy have created something beautiful and central to the Mayne Island community.  It attracts a smart audience and is a perfect room for proper listening.  All of this and alpacas to have a little cuddle with!”

“The 44 is a legendary music venue in the making, with immaculate vibes and great sounding equipment to spare, tucked away in an unassuming corner of the woods on beautiful Mayne Island.  Adam and Amy handle the music & booking with care and they are clearly carving out a unique niche in the Gulf Islands music scene.”

We are absurdly invested in achieving the best live sound possible.  The room has extensive sound treatment with binary amplitude diffusers, bass traps or absorption on every wall.  Super high end mics into Neve or SSL channels into a boutique hardware reverb and mastering grade EQ and compressor, back through an amazing console and onto our crystal clear PA system. You will sound amazing.

More information on the room and recording at The 44 here

August 24: Golden Hour at The 44

Mark your calendars – we will share the lineup, talks and event info shortly

September 13th: The Matinee

*** Ticket info closer to the date ***

At a time when popular music often leans toward the formulaic and the predictable, The Matinee stands strong and true to their craft and the influences of their youth. With Change of Scene, the band brings us along with them on this next leg of a 15 year adventure, reminding us of the importance of embracing change in our own lives. It is during these  moments of vulnerability that discoveries are made, and the magic we often seek happens right before our eyes.

2024 Schedule

Numerous things in flight, some big announcements will happen as soon as we can. As shows book you’ll see them here and on our IG or FB group.

Artist feedback

Some quotes from those who have played The 44

“Playing at The 44 was an amazing experience for me. It is such a lovely spot on the Island, a studio turned into performance space. Adam, the owner of the venue, did a wonderful job creating a beautiful, yet intimate space, with the best sound equipment there is, and a real love for music. The audience was so warm and supportive, it was wonderful- I’m really looking forward to coming back to play at The 44!!!”

“Playing the 44 was one of the highlights of the tour. Adam is so considered regarding both the audience and artist’s’ experience. It’s no wonder this place is so well loved on Mayne Island.”

“The 44 Collective is a fantastic intimate venue atop a picturesque vista and is well-connected to a community of music lovers across Mayne Island. Adam is a super knowledgeable sound engineer who pays special attention to getting the room sounding just right while being a generous host. We hope to return many times over the coming years!”

Jack Garton here, wanted first of all to thank you so much for the show on Nov 3rd, it was hands down my favourite vibe and sound on the whole tour! The 44 is a very special place”

“We played the 44 at the end of a 5 week tour, with over 30 dates, as a 4-piece band with 11 instruments between us. We drove in past a bunch of alpacas (adorable) up to the gorgeous community space that had a blazing wood stove. It is a beautiful, intimate room, with skylights that the rain played against all night. The sound was insanely clean and thoughtful – we didn’t play another room that even came close to it during the whole tour. We’ll be back as soon as possible! It was such a pleasure to play the 44.”

“It’s the best I’ve ever heard them”

“The 44 Collective is an ingeniously thought out venue/studio, looking high over the ocean surrounded by arbutus trees makes for a dream property to play music from. The sound they provide is great for accommodating an outdoor show, the Collective makes you feel right at home and the locals show their support. After the show we stuck around to hang around a fire. A perfect time was had. I hope we are asked back next summer”

“We performed at the 44 on Mayne during a long Western Canada tour, and I’m deeply honoured and thankful we could make the stop. The owners have created one of the most magical spaces I have ever visited, and it makes me so happy knowing the community of Mayne can come together to experience live music and connection in this world-class venue.”

“My band had the great fortune to play The 44 last July. We’ve always felt very welcome on Mayne Island, but Adam and his crew put the icing on the cake! Like a mini-festival, the 44 served up all the details: giant, isolated forest property, a burger vendor for hungry patrons, Lamas for petting, an outdoor stage looking out to an ocean vista, and did I mention the sound? Amazing sound. I could hear every lyric and every instrument. Now we are proper spoiled. 10 out of 10, would recommend.”

Limblifter May 2nd 2024

Hannah Epperson Jan 20, 2024

Past shows

May 2nd



Canadian alt-rock legends Limblifter play The 44!
Remaining tickets will be released at the door.

April 15th

Doors at 6:30
Show at 7:00

Taylor Ashton
w/ special guests Jenny Ritter and Ryan Boeur

Recorded over the course of a 4,000-mile cross-country roadtrip, Taylor Ashton’s gorgeous new album, Stranger To The Feeling, is a sonic odyssey through the heart of America, one that works its way chronologically and geographically from coast to coast as it meditates on the meaning of closeness and connection in an age of increasing isolation.

The performances here are warm and inviting, anchored by Ashton’s deft guitar and banjo work and rich, easygoing melodicism, and the recordings—helmed by producer Jacob Blumberg and captured with a mix of old friends and new collaborators—are alternately sparse and lush, with arrangements often serving as aural reflections of their physical environments. From a blanket in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park to a trailer in Wyoming’s Bighorn National Forest, from a backyard in Wisconsin to a spiritual vortex in Arizona, the settings are inextricable from the songs, and the result is a moving, transportive collection that manages to evoke both the gentle virtuosity of Nick Drake and the buoyant wit of Paul Simon, all while forging its own distinctive path through a landscape at once foreign and familiar.

April 13th

Doors at 6:30
Show at 7:00.

The Oldest Man I know + OH DEER

Donations at the door, suggested $10

The Oldest Man I Know An acoustic trio who play traditional instruments untraditionally. We blend traditional music with the alternative music we grew up on.

OH DEER Folk/songwriter duo with a medley of guitar, banjo and fiddle. Strong, soulful vocals with soft harmonies, singing songs of heartbreak, moving forward and facing the ever changing.

Feb 10th

Doors at 6:30
Show at 7:00

Hannah Epperson

Hannah Epperson has been called a neo-classical composer and musician, indie folk/rocker and avant-garde pop artist. She’s performed at jazz and electronica, folk, art, new music and rock festivals.

Oct 28th

Doors at 5
Show at 6

Malleus Trio

Malleus Trio is an exciting instrumental band based out of Vancouver, B.C. Their music fuses high-octane improvisation with dynamic original compositions. Having forged their musical rapport for over a decade, there is a palpable chemistry pulsing through their music. The group’s language speaks to both familiarity and risk, resulting in a sound that is both unconventional and accessible.

Smoke and Thyme will be onsite with smashburgers – dinner sorted!

Oct 19th


Sarah Jane Scouten

+ David and Jamie Simard

Sarah Jane Scouten with Jamie and David Simard – Four-time Canadian Folk Music Award nominee, Sarah Jane Scouten is a songwriter of rare quality, combining sounds of early country music, ballad singing, folk rock and 60’s soul. Jamie and David need no introduction of course – with their impossibly locked melodies and heart-melty everything.

This event was sponsored in part by Campbell Bay Music Festival Society, with funds from the BC Touring Council and the Province of BC.

Sept 9th

Saturday at 4PM

Mayne Musicians Live at The 44

A MIALS fundraiser for the off-island bus program

Hosted by Chrysta Wallin, featuring:
The Angry Spinsters, Liam Vender, Steve Clark, Roger Cole, Drew Ferneyhough, Matt Hyndman, Lou Keating and friends, Jeff McPherson, Daryl Martin, Jamie and David Simard, and Vagablonde

Aug 6th

Sunday at 5PM

John Reischman & the Jaybirds

Like the powerful mandolinist and composer at its helm, John Reischman and the Jaybirds fashion a stylish take on bluegrass that seamlessly blends original songs and instrumentals with Appalachian old-time music for a truly unique band sound. Now in their 20th year, with seven acclaimed albums and two Juno nominations, the Jaybirds are simultaneously innovative and unadorned, sophisticated and stripped-down, happily old-fashioned and 21st-century contemporary.

This event was sponsored in part by Campbell Bay Music Festival Society, with funds from the BC Touring Council and the Province of BC.

July 29th


The Legion of Flying Monkeys

+ Coyotes in the Meadow + Red Zeppelin

Folk Punk singalong for irreverent adults, the LFM are powered by homegrown fuhorns, lyrics to offend your sensitive relatives, ukelele, accordion and drums.

Coyotes in the Meadow plays dirty folk music straight from the street with hints of klezmer, bluegrass and gipsy jazz. Their high pace music will make you dance until you fall.

Red Zeppelin, local Mayne Island redheads making noise.

This event was sponsored in part by Campbell Bay Music Festival Society, with funds from the BC Touring Council and the Province of BC.

July 15th


Itamar Erez

+ Justine Marie

The music of Itamar Erez holds a depth and sensitivity that touches listeners deeply. It blends the delicateness of Middle Eastern music, the freedom found in jazz and the passion of flamenco, creating a unique sound all his own.

Justine needs no introduction to Mayne, her incredible voice over moving and catchy loop-pedal cello melodies will linger with you long after the show.

This event was sponsored in part by Campbell Bay Music Festival Society, with funds from the BC Touring Council and the Province of BC.

May 28th


Zach Kleisinger

+ Emma Worley + Talel McBriar

Based in Vancouver, Zach Kleisinger is a compelling songwriter, performer, and international touring artist. His words often feel like a bathroom mirror, while his compositions conjure the emotion of Dylan’s mid-‘70s heartbreakers. Marked by a poetic intimacy, Kleisinger’s songwriting and charismatic live performances have garnered him a loyal audience in the alt-folk community across Canada, the UK, Europe, and the US.

“Zach Kleisinger creates music that draws us into an intimate world. It’s a world that makes you want to linger for a while.” Shauna Powers, CBC

May 20th

Sat May long

Ashley Shadow

+ Himalayan Bear

With her captivating voice and raw, emotional lyrics, Ashley Shadow has established herself as one of Canada’s most exciting and original musical talents. Her music is both deeply personal and universal, speaking to the human experience in a way that is both profound and unforgettable.

Himalayan Bear is the 15+ year running project of Canadian musician Ryan Beattie. The band has changed lineups and sounds on every album, sometimes just Beattie with a solo electric guitar, sometimes a 7 piece fuzz driven tropical tinged rock band. The latest iteration comprises some of Beattie’s oldest friends and musical collaborators, featuring members of Lightning Dust, Bison BC and Chet.

May 5th


Sophia Ammann

+ Emile Benjamin

Sophia Amman brings us a night of Leonard Cohen. A strong songwriter and stunning signer who brings a vitality to Cohen’s work, and can melt your heart with her own song as well.

Emile Benjamin needs no introduction to Mayne, he writes and sings slow folk songs in an effort to bring his meditative meanderings to light. He draws inspiration from many cornersof the world and mind, and tries to distill all the chaoticmusing down to their essence… with mixed results

April 7th

Good Friday

Maddie Storvold

Folksigner, storyteller, commedienne. Tender flower folk – with a splash of piss and vinegar. Once made out with Brian Adams. Notorious liar.

A fast regular on the festival circuit, Maddie Storvold has brought stories and songs to the Edmonton Folk Fest, Canmore Folk Fest, Tiny Lights, Bear Creek Folk Festival, Wild Mountain Music Festival, Festival d’ete, Cavendish Beach Music Festival, Calgary Stampede, Interstellar Rodeo, and many more. She offers a catalog of tender flower folk – with a splash of piss and vinegar – at the forefront of a new generation of storytellers.

March 23


Hawksley Workman

Second show added!

March 22


Hawksley Workman

Hawksley Workman is a JUNO Award-winning and Gold Record certified singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Since his ground-breaking self-produced indie debut For Him and The Girls (1999) through to chart-topping singles of 2020, Hawksley has careened between major label international smash hits to Canadiana soaked indie releases. Boasting a catalogue of 17 solo records, Hawksley’s genre defying style strings together folk, chart pop and irrepressible cabaret. His show-stopping vocals on songs about weather, love, heartbreak and tales of end-times have garnered him a league of devoted fans. Performing over a thousand shows worldwide, Hawksley has headlined prestigious venues like Massey Hall and The Olympia in Paris.

Dec 4th


Marin Patenaude with band

+ Emile Benjamin

Marin Patenaude was taught to appreciate the things in life built with your own hands and heart, and she has created a body of work that is uniquely and exquisitely her own. Releasing her first album The Follow Through in 2016, Marin continues to reveal an indomitable and independent spirit, yet a heart vulnerable to deep desire for the intimacy of love and romance. Her second release Sight Unseen can be found among the precious but few to sign to Dallas Green’s (City and Colour) label Still Records. Distributed by Dine Alone Records (Toronto), her most recent collection will be available in early 2023.

Nov 12th


Pharis and Jason Romero with band

Four-time JUNO winning Pharis & Jason Romero with The Sweet Old Band (Trent Freeman on fiddle, Marc Jenkins on pedal steel and Patrick Metzger on bass). Join the band for an evening including songs from their newest release, Tell ‘Em You Were Gold, out now on Smithsonian Folkways Recordings.

Nov 3rd


The Walnut Collective starring Jack Garton and Maddie Storvold

+ David Simard

Walnut Collective, with the goal of “uniting the hippies and the cowboys” as Willie Nelson once did decades ago, Storvold is quickly finding her sure-footing in the shifting landscape at the intersection of Singer-Songwriter & Psych-Folk.

David Simard has always imbued his work with a sense of space and a hint of nostalgia, arranging his songs to evoke the landscapes where he’s lived, while writing lyrics that relate the stories of characters met and imagined, along with more than a few of his own experiences

Oct 15th


Zoe Guigueno + band

+ Meg Iredale

Zoe Guigueno is a bassist & songwriter living in both New York City and Vancouver Island. She fronts a band of fluid and highly creative bandmates: Adam Iredale-Gray (guitars, fiddle), Max Marceau Ley (drums) and Danielle Lebeau Petersen (keys, guitar). Zoe’s music has been described as “warm and inviting” and “slightly unpredictable” ( Her new album, We Were Radar Stations, peers into dark and joyful corners of human experience by telling stories from several different characters and perspectives.

Sept 22


Father Funk

+ Wes Please

Come join us for the first in a series of events called Nocoholics.
Nocoholics #1 featuring Father Funk and Wes Please!!!
This is a mid-week sober-friendly rave for all the people who love to party but also like to feel great the next day.
Fusing elements of Funk, Hip Hop and Disco with floor shaking electronic beats, Father Funk’s unique, genre bending, party rocking style has gained him a cult following worldwide. Always delivered with a cheeky grin and a thunderous onstage energy, his eclectic sets have torn the roof off nightclubs and festival stages across the globe. 

Aug 24th


Eleanor Buckland + Adam Iredale-Gray

+ Meg Iredale

In February 2017, Buckland met up with Adam Iredale-Gray in Toronto, a home base for the Juno-nominated producer/multi-instrumentalist. Born and raised in Maine, Buckland comes from a family full of musicians. Her grandmother, Betty Buckland, was prominent in the New England bluegrass scene, while her father, Andy Buckland, played electric guitar in Boston area bands. It’s not surprising then that someone who grew up playing bluegrass fiddle music as well as a healthy dose of Michelle Branch and Sheryl Crow would wind up with varied musical tastes – something Buckland clearly demonstrates on her solo debut.

May 15th



About the music “Giambori is back in action after this long covid “winter”. Loads of different music BUT all for the Viola and Accordion. Some of the items on our list are arrangements of Bach Goldberg Variations, Bartok Rumanian dances , Shostakovitch, Hetor Villa Lobos. We will disintegrate slowly into some old jazz and film themes – tangos and some material from Edith Piaf…. and lots more!

May 7th



+ Selci

Uschi Tala is a queer gender fluid, multi instrumentalist and live looping artist. With a beat machine and various instruments, they create ambient soundscapes that dance along hauntingly serene vocals and rhythmic rhymes.

Bridging experimental sounds with occult themes, Tala channels the gothic folk of Chelsea Wolfe and the looping energy of Tash Sultana, while taking the audience on a live looping musical sojourn into another dimension.

Calgary based singer-producer Selci connects the iconoclastic electronics of chamber pop with scintillating dance music to shape her sonic vision. While trained in opera, contemporary and classical musical styles, Selci uses ambience and rhythm to compose sounds that exist on the fringes of pop music.

The Polaroid ritual

We take two – you keep one, we keep one

John Reischman & the Jaybirds

Itamar Erez

Justine Marie

Zach Kleisinger + Emma Worley + Talel McBriar

Ashley Shadow + Himalayan Bear

Sophia Ammann

Maddie Storvold

Hawksley Workman + Ryan Dahle

Marin Patenaude

Pharis and Jason Romero

Walnut Collective starring Jack Garton and Maddie Storvold

Zoe Guigueno

Eleanor Buckland + Adam Iredale-Gray


Usci Tala



Cud Eastbound


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